EMAC Studios is housed in our 2 story 10,000 sq.ft building located in downtown London Ontario Canada.

Built in 1905 as a church, the buildings façade has retained its historical integrity. The inside is a blend of modern amenities and state of the art recording equipment.

Everything from our “Day-lit” recording floor to our RFZ control room is geared towards comfort and creativity. “A relaxing place with a serious commitment.”

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the acoustic integrity of our rooms translates accurately into the final product.

A spacious “reflection free zone” control room specifically designed with boundary de-coupling, floating wall and ceiling isolation construction. This room is a certified RFZ control room incorporating the use of RPG © rear wall diffusers and room tuning to establish sonic accuracy throughout the audio spectrum. Studio one features a NEVE V3 60 input console and an elaborate collection of sound processing equipment.

Studio One’s large recording floor is an acoustically balanced space designed to handle all types of recording tasks. This naturally day lit room with high ceilings can accommodate up to 25 musicians with an isolation room large enough for a full sized drum kit. Good sight lines and a comfortable atmosphere provide an ideal recording environment.

Studio two is a smaller yet comfortable audio suit designed for music, dialogue, and sound effects editing. This room features a Sony MXP3036 console.

The lower lounge is a place to relax, have a meeting, or just play games. It features billiards, darts, videogames, or watch and listen to something on the entertainment system.

The Upper Lounge is a smaller Lounge adjacent to the Control Room.

Our bright clean kitchen facilities provide a relaxing living space with all the necessary amenities.